What type of tree should I plant on the South side of our home?

Asked August 3, 2016, 3:43 PM EDT

I am looking for guidance on what kind of a tree to plant on the South side of our home. I live in Minneapolis so there is not a lot of space. Roots that spread too far could cause foundation problems for either me or my neighbor. I am looking for something about 30 feet high with about 10 feet around to maximize shade. I want the roof to be exposed to full sun for solar panels, but the side to be shaded. I have done some research and was thinking perhaps a pincherry would be a good option, but I'd like to get an expert opinion before I move forward with any particular tree. There is room to plant up to 3, depending on how wide they'll grow, so a couple of options would be helpful. I have already got a sour cherry tree in our yard, but it's hard to argue with cherry blossoms every spring! Thanks for your help!

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There are quite a few choices and it is always a personal decision. If you like the pin cherry I think it would work for you. You could consider a trip to the Arboretum to look at small trees to see which appeal to you or you could go to your local nursery and look at the choices as well as the picture hang tags that they have. Here is a link to info about choosing and fitting trees into your yard. http://www.extension.umn.edu/garden/yard-garden/landscaping/fitting-trees-and-shrubs-into-the-landsc...