How to kill the weed, Kyllinga?

Asked August 3, 2016, 10:23 AM EDT

Our horse pastures are being taken over by a dark green grass which is called Kyllinga (spelling?). The horses will not eat it since it has a spike bloom. How can we eradicate this weed? Please give some suggestions. Thanks, CarolTobash, 410-676-6105 or at

Harford County Maryland horses pasture agnr weed

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Hi Carol. There are many products listed to control Kyllinga however they are not labeled for pasture/grazing. How large is the area and is it possible to spot spray with glyphosphate (roundup)?It will damage the other grass around it but effectively rid you of the weed. If you spot spray you need to wait seven days before grazing. The weed is a Perennial sedge from rhizomes that is capable of forming dense infestations. Green kyllinga is primarily a weed of turfgrass and lawns that is usually found in damp or wet areas. This weed may be found from Rhode Island south to Florida, and west to Texas. (VA TECH weed guide)