Moth issue

Asked August 3, 2016, 9:40 AM EDT

I've been struggling with a moth issue (golden in color and brownish red heads). They've been identified as clothes moths by an exterminator. I've found them all over my home and just moved tried treating them but clearly must have missed some as they are now in my new home. Can you help me to understand how I can deal with this issue? Thank you

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Please take a look at the following links from our website on
Clothes moths:

and Fabric Pests:
Check under wool rugs, and fabrics made of natural fibers for the larval- worm stage of the insect. Dry cleaning and shampooing are recommended, as well as vacuuming. Other management and control are discussed in the above links.

Look too at Indian Meal Moths, which are common pantry pests that might be mistaken for clothes moths: