bean and tomato foliage issue

Asked August 3, 2016, 7:01 AM EDT

Hello- This program is great, you provided excellent advise on serviceberry rust... previously I have a new raised bed that is part sun, PM full sun and over a mostly clay soil. I created a 4" raised bed this season using compost, garden mix from Chesapeake Compost, and a little bit of peat moss. I dig turn the clay layer into the top layer about 1-2". I would say the bed is not well draining due to the clay under pan. My beans were growing great until 2 weeks ago they started to get this speckled dotting to them, I have been deep watering during the drought but not over watering. I planted 4 tomato plants one is gone it died from bottom to the top and the other is pictured, it has browning and curled leaves, no damage to the fruit. I did have one tomato plant in the bed last year prior to raising it. I suspect verticillium wilt. Any thought on the culprit or measures to take to improve their look and fruit production

Baltimore Maryland

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It is not uncommon for the older ,lower leaves on tomato plants to yellow,remove them as soon as see any discoloration. Tomatoes do not like weed competition, a straw or grass clipping mulch will help keep the soil evenly moist and control weed growth. The yellowing of the bean leaves is indicative of mite damage, their population can quickly flourish during hot, dry weather.