A poor excuse for a vegetable garden

Asked August 2, 2016, 3:59 PM EDT

Hi experts! Resident for almost 30 yrs in Highland w a veggie garden each year. This year the CUCUMBERS (grown from seed) are terrible w some wilting, holes in leaves, yellow leaves, yellow flowers, only three cukes from about 10 plants....awful - PEPPERS (12 plants), spots on leaves, had a few peppers earlier, then spot on leaves then yellowing and falling off, some buds now, but no new peppers forming - TOMATOES (12 plants grown from seed) lost two plants that had stunted growth and curled leaves, others plants look okay w one about six feet tall and beautiful w some blossoms, but not a tomato from any!?!?!?!? Lost zucchini plants!!!! Yes, I rotate my plantings each year. Yes, I compost. Yes, I water regularly and fertilize. The only veggies producing are beans, cabbage and snow peas, spinach and lettuce earlier. PLEASE HELP! Thanks so much. Patti

Howard County Maryland

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From the description of your vegetable garden,you are not alone. We have had many complaints from experienced gardeners with issues similar to yours, especially with peppers. It seems no two growing seasons are similar,blame it on the weather. Remember the cold ,windy days in May and the extreme heat of July and now the frequent nighttime rain,all of this extremes seem to have had some effect on vegetable plants. Keep plugging, its almost time to plant your fall crops,perhaps growing conditions will be better for the remainder of the growing season.