Reclaiming an old well

Asked August 2, 2016, 3:41 PM EDT

Hi there, my mother has found an old well site where an old home place used to be on her land. I contacted our local county UT extension to ask if they had an information on getting this well back in running condition and he did not. There is so much information online about wells, digging them, refurbishing them and testing the water but I need something a bit more specific to our situation. Is there a person that could contact us to help get the water flowing or do you have a (simple) step by step suggestion manual for this type of thing?

Cheatham County Tennessee

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Here is where you can find the correct information for Tennessee, Department of Environment and Conservation Water Quality Program.

I would start by contacting a licensed well driller or well service company. They must meet minimum standards set by the above agency.

Things that must be know. age of well, condition of well casing, depth of well and casing. What potential contamination sources are nearby.

I suspect that at the very least a water test, relining the well, installation of pump and shock chlorination of the well are needed.