death of young macadamia trees&supplement

Asked August 2, 2016, 12:32 PM EDT

Mcadamia seedlings have been planted in the month of May 2016 in a big hole and put half-meter red soil and I give it water every two or three days and I gave it a soluble fertilizer, and now in august the tree leaves began to die and the tree will die ,my location is in Syria in the city of Latakia, a city on the Mediterranean and the rainfall rate of 1200 mm, thank you for caring.

Outside United States

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Please post pictures of the trees and the leaves. Please also consider digging up one of the trees and looking at the roots to see if there is root rot. If you dig up a tree, please post a picture of the whole tree so I can better assist you with this question. Is the soil well-drained? Does it feel wet around the roots?