Fungus or Cocoon??

Asked August 2, 2016, 7:57 AM EDT

Morning - I have posted this on FB with no one knowing what it is, I am hoping you can help.

This was originally a bubble like, light orange foamy looking fungus attached to the outside of my patio sliding door frame. I lightly tapped with my shoe and it was very soft but what came out was disgusting. It was black, very tar like matter. Since, my husband knocked it off and bleached the area so I have no more pictures.

The closest I have come to in appearance is a a silk worm cocoon, but that's not it. It is also not slime mold or yellow fungi (dog vomit).

Thank for any help!


Clinton County New York

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We asked our mycologist about this and he said it was not a fungus and looked like some sort of insect cocoon (I believe insect thingy was the official word he used) Unfortunately we do not have an entomologist on staff to ID what type of insect.