what is that dried plant in my photo

Asked August 2, 2016, 6:14 AM EDT

hi there I just wanted to know about a plant which I bought from a person who was selling it near road side in ameerpet a location in my city hyderabad the structure of the plant is that it has only single lead when dried it looks like curled up insect and when in water grows lively it has a very thin stem or I don't know may be sort of root that person said it doesn't require much sunlight though he was sitting outside selling it by keeping it in glass only filled with water he said I just need to replace the water once a week and it's not even a air plant cause I have seen them I even tried to plant it but didn't grow its not even total water based plant cause whenvi asked that seller he said that he brought from mountain or hilly place that person was selling water growing toys along with this rare plant it not a you but a real plant please help me know what plant it is and where can I get this and also online too I want this type of plant I want to the same place to find the person to be not available there so please help me find it.

Outside United States

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Thank you for contacting eXtension. Your plant is a variety of desert spikemoss, Selaginella lepidophylla, sometimes called Rose of Jericho. It is native to the North American Chihuahuan Desert. It is indeed a real plant and I believe that a search online using the scientific or common name will yield a number of vendors for you. There are several plants that exhibit a similar survival mechanism; they are usually called "resurrection plants", so if you see that name it might refer to this plant or one of the others. They are fascinating, aren't they?

Hi thank you very much for your help for selganillea plant also called rose of jericho but I want to buy in India itself but I can't get the sites where I can buy this plant please help me in this last one more time

Please tell me some Indian sites where I can buy this plant in cheap way rose of jericho or selganilla lypodellphia

I'm sorry, our service does not have this type of information.