eliminate this invasive plant

Asked August 1, 2016, 11:21 AM EDT

Attached is a picture of a plant I can not get rid of. I have tried to dig up the plant only to find out any remaining root sprouts another plant. I have sprayed with vinegar, soap/water, and now four rounds of Round-up every two weeks. I still have some and see little bits of the remining plant beginning to sprout new leaves. I have been told to put down 6 layers of newspaper and wood chips on topf of that so no light can get through. Another friend suggested putting black plastic down to eliminate light and bake out the roots in the sunny part. Unfortuantely half of the area is in the shade. What is the best way to readicate this plant?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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The photos are fuzzy but I think it is the green variant of snow on the mountain. They are hard to kill and every bit of living root in the ground resprouts and they drop seeds. It will take some time to kill it all and the new plants that sprout from seed. It is easiest to kill weeds in the fall when they are concentrating nutrients in their roots. That puts the chemical where it will kill the root. The sprouts can be painted with roundup or hand pulled. I know it works I got rid of it in 10 garden beds.

What about covering the ground and plants with newspaper and
them woodchips to eliminate any light?

It takes about 20 layers of newsprint or several layers of cardboard. It will still take a couple of years of smothering in my experience. Wood chips will reduce the number of plants that come up but won't eliminate all of them.