spider orchid

Asked July 31, 2016, 11:41 PM EDT

What does a spider orchid look like?

Riverside County California

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The spider orchid is a common name for the Brassia family of orchids. They are called spider orchids because the petals are long and narrow and resemble a spider's legs. The theory is that the reason these flowers resemble spiders is to attract the female spider wasp which hunts spiders. The wasp enters the lip of the flowers and instead of finding a spider covers herself with pollen and then leaves the flowers and goes on to the next one thus pollinating the plant. Interesting but who knows what the female spider wasp is thinking?

The site below will show you some varieties of Brassia orchids. If you have trouble going to this link just "Google" spider orchids and then click on Spider Orchid Images and you will see many of the varieties.

To use the link below either select it and then click on it or select it and copy it then paste it in the address line of your browser (Explorer or Google) and then hit Enter.


I hope this answers your question about these interesting orchids which are touted as being fairly easy to grow.

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