Ants and vertilcillium

Asked July 31, 2016, 9:42 PM EDT

Hi. What effects do carpenter ants have in the central stem of a decaying maple which might have verticillium wilt? Do the ants help or hurt the tree? Will using ant spray help?

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Verticillium wilt affects many species of trees. Often sections of the tree wilt and die and often the whole tree slowly dies. You might consider removing the tree if it is severely infected less it topple over in a storm. You also might want to confirm the diagnosis by having a certified arborist assess the tree.

Carpenter ants mine damaged wood, usually wood with water damage. They don't actually eat the wood like termites. They live in the areas of damaged wood they mine. if there is enough damaged wood for carpenter ants to make a home in, then the tree must have a fair amount of damage. Getting rid of the ants won't really solve your problem. You really should have the tree looked at.