Asked July 31, 2016, 3:06 PM EDT

Can you identify this caterpillar that appeared in great numbers under the eaves of our house this morning? Should we be Concerned?

Montgomery County Virginia

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To me it looks like a small Hickory Tussock Moth but for a better identification bring a caterpillar in to your Extension office below. Make sure you wear gloves when touching it and you can put it in an vial with rubbing alcohol or sealed container when you transport it to the office. Click on the link for some additional information:

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That's what I determined after researching some online myself. We did not touch. We did clean out the area from underneath our eaves and they seemed to have moved on or perhaps now have morphed into moths. There are many trees next to our lot, so most likely came from there. Just thought it was odd seeing so many under our eaves. Thank you.