Maple tree

Asked July 31, 2016, 2:15 PM EDT

I have a maple tree in my front yard that's about 15 years old. The last couple years the leaves on it developed some dark spots that i was told were mites. The last couple of years the trunk has started splitting and this year seems to be working its way up the tree. The original split started in the middle of the trunk but now I can look up the tree and see similar splits up higher. One half of the tree looks fine, the other side appears dead. I am trying to determine what's wrong with the tree and if there's anything I can do to save it. I've called several tree services for help in the Twin Cities but none of them have returned my calls. I was hoping someone there would have some ideas on what's going on with my tree. Thanks for the assistance.

Scott County Minnesota

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Thank you for the photos. I can't determine what is the cause of the trees problems however I can identify a number of problems. The tree was planted too deeply and probably has something called stem girdling roots. The dead branches on one side of the tree need to be cut off. They dead branches are a significant hazard and will come down in a storm. The sloughing bark is probably due to that side of the tree being dead. It is a young tree with serious defects.
If you can cut off the stem girdling roots there is a chance the tree can be saved it that is all that is wrong with it.
Try calling some of the bigger tree companies like Bratt and Rainbow and expect to pay for the consultation, this is a very busy time of year for them. Your county may also have a forester who can evaluate the tree and advise.

Thanks you for your help and quick reply

You are welcome and I am sorry your tree is in sad shape. A pretty tree is an asset for everyone.