Spraying for mosquitoes-good bugs/butterflies safety

Asked July 30, 2016, 6:20 PM EDT

Hello again, This question is not about plants, but I think is related to gardening as mosquitoes are taking the joy out of it. My yard is full of the Asian type, I had it and I am considering spraying with the Mosquito Squad company. They are using a "natural" insecticide made out of a chemical produced by moms (the plant). They say it would not harm butterflies or other beneficial bugs, but I would like to have an independent opinion. Do you know how I can investigate this further? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time. Inge

Montgomery County Maryland

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The natural insecticide you are referring to is permethrin, made from mums. This is a broad spectrum insecticide. It will kill a wide range of insects, including beneficials, so we can't recommend it. Just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it is not highly toxic. These mosquito sprays are also very temporary.

Asian tiger mosquitoes are horrible, though. The best approach is to target the larval stage, which occurs in water. They must have water to breed and propagate themselves. Since they stay relatively close to their source, this requires everyone in the neighborhood working together to rid themselves of this pest. Sometimes the threat of catching a disease will motivate people. Here is a good webpage for more info:

You can also search Asian Tiger Mosquito on our website.