green bean problem

Asked July 30, 2016, 3:26 PM EDT

Can you advise as to what is going wrong with my green beans. These (see pictures) are Kentucky Wonder beans. They were grown in a community garden plot behind ABC News and St. Pius X Church near Towson. The thick, gray soil does not drain well. Leaves have the same "burned look" that you see on the bean pods. Last year the same thing happened. I thought it was the result of too much water from the rains or the extremes of heat/rain. This year I gave the beans a feeding with organic garden fertilizer, carefully following package directions. Here they are again. The beans are bearing heavily, but all have this damaged look. HELP! My eggplant leaves have the same burned look, but zucchini plants just a few feet away look hearty and are producing enough to give away. Thanks so much for your help.

Baltimore County Maryland

2 Responses

Based on your photos it looks like the beans may have been affected by spider mites. They are sucking pests. They create a stippling effect to the foliage as they feed which can cause yellowing, browning and leaf drop. The brown on the pods looks like old feeding damage. Pull out the plants that are badly infested. Spider mites like hot dry conditions. Soap and oil sprays can penetrate the tissue and cause more damage. AT this point hose the plants and leaf undersides with water. Keep the plant well watered and do not overfertilize which can increase mite populations. If we get a return to cooler weather , the plants may regrow from the base. Look at our pest profile for photos and more information.

Next season Once the plants germinate cover with floating row cover .to protect from other insect pests such as the mexican bean beetle.

See our vegetable profile on beans for growing information

Other issues may be air pollution damage but we cannot say for sure. Beans are very susceptible to this. All can do is remove affected leaves and let the plants produce more healthy leaves. See our website and photos for more information

Thank you. I think you nailed it. I appreciate the helpful links, too.