Creeping Charlie Control

Asked July 29, 2016, 3:49 PM EDT

Hello. My backyard is being taken over by Creeping Charlie. I was under the impression that I could only control this in the spring time. What can I do now to fight this ivy? What should I apply to stop it from spreading? I have a dog and 2 kids but could keep them out of the backyard if necessary. Thank you in advance for any help with this problem. I think my neighbors are scared it's going to invade their backyard so I need to do something soon.

Hennepin County Minnesota creeping charlie horticulture

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Thank you for your question.

Cultural Control Options: Hand removal; may need repeated removals several times to keep ground ivy in check. Increase sunlight to improve turfgrass growing conditions and competitiveness.

Chemical Control Options: Products containing triclopyr usually provide better results. Repeat applications may be necessary; best application times are fall and in spring at peak bloom.

Hope this helps.