Effective response to Ewinia Chrysanthemi

Asked July 29, 2016, 3:37 PM EDT

Planted onions in a 4x8 bed around early-mid June. This bed is a new planting. Some onions showed signs of die-off. Samples tested positive for E. Chrysanthemi. (Onions are know to become exposed to this in storage. I very stupidly keep bulbs in a paper bag for 2+ weeks.) At this point most-not all-of the remaining onions appear ok. I wish to remove all the onions and replace them with a fall crop-carrots. However carrots can also be attacked by this bacteria. So my tentative plan was this: Carefully remove the top the 4" of soil, add a huge amount of mycorrhiza (Wikipedia sites an article claiming support for the effectiveness of this against E.C. in a controlled environment), work the remaining soil very vigorously (this is necessitated by the fact my new soil is a very heavy clay) and, finally, adding a fresh 10" mixture on top of this. Does this offer any realistic chance of success? (Please note that the essential question could be applied to preparing the soil for a planting next year, say, if the fall planting is skipped. Understanding roughly at what depth this organism is still a threat may be needed to answer this question. Keep in mind this issue with respect to solarization.)

Monmouth County New Jersey

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We do not know where you had your samples tested. At this point we recommend that you contact your Extension service at Rutgers Plant Diagnostic Laboratory for more information https://njaes.rutgers.edu/plantdiagnosticlab/contact.asp