Asked July 29, 2016, 3:30 PM EDT

After the fruit is picked from my current peach tress (I think Elberta) I am going to dig up my peach tree and replace. It was severely damaged two winters ago and half the tree is dead and much of the live trunk is damaged, with oozing and broken bark. The tree is sending up suckers everywhere to survive - and in the meantime it has peaches on it this year (very happy about that). My arborist says I should replace. What is the best and most hardy peach to plant in Denver. The spot is a SW location in my yard and the tree will get LOTS of sun, but the trunk will be behind a fence (so protected from the SW sun). Thanks!!!

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Because of fluctuating temperatures and spring freezes, Denver can be a tough place to grow peaches. In fact, you might get a more reliable crop if your new tree is planted in a protected location (like the north side of the house or a fence) rather than in a sunny, SW spot. The idea is to try to keep the tree from budding out early and having its blossoms frozen.

Here's a Planttalk fact sheet that gives you some recommended varieties: