white pine rust

Asked July 29, 2016, 12:20 PM EDT

I think I have 5 pines infected with this disease, should I cut them down so it will not spread to my other trees? I have honeysuckle bushes next to these trees, can it be spread from them or to them as they are have leaves that are turning brown.

Aitkin County Minnesota

1 Response

Here is a link to our information on white pine blister rust. Please make sure that is actually what your trees have. http://www.extension.umn.edu/garden/yard-garden/trees-shrubs/white-pine-blister-rust/ if it is, the disease is fatal so you might as well cut them down. It will not spread to your honeysuckle. Currants and gooseberry are shrubs necessary to transmit the disease as it needs both the shrub and the pine.