Linden Tree Skeleton Leaves

Asked July 29, 2016, 10:27 AM EDT

Our linden tree is dropping leaves which are eaten away except for the veins in the leaves. This most likely is caused by the Japanese beetle. What should be do for the tree? Can the tree be saved or must it be removed? As of now we have arrangements to have the tree thinned and the canopy raised above the ground to give more light to the lawn.

Anoka County Minnesota

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Lindens are very attractive to Japanese beetles. Foliage is consumed by eating the tissue between the veins, a type of feeding called skeletonizing. If the tree is healthy and mature, the tree is not going to die in one year from Japanese beetle feeding. Trees are quite resilient and can tolerate a lot of defoliation.

Below are links to the University of Minnesota Extension website that will provide you information on how best to manage, control, and treat Japanese Beetles.

Information from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: