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Asked July 28, 2016, 1:40 PM EDT


I've searched Google and the Texas A&M website to try and find a database that will tell me if certain plants/leaves/berries/pollens are toxic for humans. I have a rainwater tank that provides drinking water to my home, and also have two young children in addition to my husband and myself.

In looking to add plants to our yard, I cannot have plants that may be toxic or have toxic berries or pollen. I fear berries could easily be eaten by the kids, and the pollen can very easily get into the rain gutters and thus into our water supply.

I started to look them up on Google, but found mixed information and would love more expert help. I've listed the plants below, however I'm willing to look them up if such a database exists. I appreciate your time!

Thanks so much,

Abelia, Ed Goucher
Bonsai pine, Thunderhead
Black foot daisy
Bamboo Muhly grass
Coral honeysuckle
Crape Myrtle
Cherry Sage
Cross vine
Fox tail fern
Holly fern
Japanese Aralia
Japanese maple
Jerusalem sage
Mediterranean Fan Palm
Pindo palm
Primrose Jasmine
Pink scullcap
Red bud, native
Ruellia, Katies dwarf
Star Jasmine
Silver pony foot
Texas sage
Viburnum, sweet
Yaupon holly, 'Pride of Houston'
Yaupon holly scarlet peak

Travis County Texas

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Hi Christy,

I have not found a specific database where you can type in a plant and see whether it is toxic or not. I did find a few references that list toxic plants. You may have already found these web pages.

The FDA also has a database where it searches documents for any reference to toxins and plants.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!