Hazelnut Trees in Puerto Rico

Asked July 28, 2016, 9:51 AM EDT


I was wondering if… Will I be able to grow a Hazelnut Tree in Puerto Rico? I just want one for the backyard of my home. They are so pretty and gorgeous tree. I live in the town of Cidra and this town is located in the Central Mountains of the Island. This town is very damp and light rains often. The soil is not dry, is always moist.

Cidra County Puerto Rico

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Will a hazelnut tree grow in the wet mountains - yes. Will it grow well - no. Will it produce nuts - no.

Lots if good info on hazelnuts - https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/search/content/hazelnut

The wetness is probably going to the biggest issue - the roots don't like wet soils.

A single tree can be grown but to produce nuts, there will need to be two different trees. See the attached web site.

Hazelnuts are need a cold or sleeping period. Being in the mountains, and depending on how high - elevation you are; might allow the tree to shed their leaves and go dormant.

Short answer - the tree will kind of grow but probably won't produce nuts. Check on import rules as hazelnut or Corylus would need to be checked by country ag people.

If you are at an elevation of around 500 meters, the hazelnut trees will do better. Most of the elevation around Cidra is pretty low but out in the mountain area, the elevation creates a better living condition.

Achee, bananas, banana fruit, lemon, any citrus mango, papaya fruit would do way better than hazelnuts.