Are these mushrooms toxic to dogs?

Asked July 28, 2016, 9:42 AM EDT

So these mushrooms are popping up all over my back yard this year, I assume due to the horrible moist weather. My only concern is if they are poisonous to my dogs. I try to remove as much as I can, and the dogs do seem to be sniffing them and leaving alone, but I am still concerned. Any idea what kind they are, if they are indeed toxic to dogs, or how to get rid of them? Thanks!

Camden County New Jersey

1 Response

Hello, These small Marasmius or parasol mushrooms are merely growing on the organic material in the mulch, and you are right, they are growing readily due to the wet weather. I do not think they are particularly poisonous, but I recommend that people never eat any mushrooms they find in the wild, unless they are absolutely positively identified in person by a expert. If your dog eats them, it may result in an upset stomach. Mushrooms are 95% water, so lightly raking them will result in them going away faster. They will continue to come up as long as there is a source of organic matter there, in mulch or roots, etc. Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension,