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Asked July 27, 2016, 2:58 PM EDT

We haven't treated for grubs in our lawn in many years, but we have had an unusual invasion of moles last year and this year. They are creating hazardous walking conditions for some of us older folks and are concentrating their damage in areas where trees were removed last year, stumps were ground, and fescue was planted last fall (probably because the soil remains easier to tunnel through). Is milky spore still the recommended but least toxic remedy? When can it be applied successfully? Also, are any of the Extension Service publications made available in Spanish?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Using a grub control product will not get rid of your moles. Grubs are not the main food of moles, and they will simply eat other lawn organisms. Research has proven this.

Milky spore has not been recommended by Extension for many years because its effectiveness became so low that it was not worth the high expense.

Moles are very solitary and only use most tunnels once as they forage for food. (They also have a den tunnel that they return to.) They also don't stay around for many years. They are considered beneficial because they do eat grubs and other pests in the soil. Tolerate them if you can.

The only guaranteed method to rid yourselves of moles is a harpoon trap. In order to set the trap where the mole is likely to encounter it, all the tunnels need to be flattened and the trap set where a tunnel pops up again--this is the permanent den and where the trap needs to be located. But, since all the tunnels must be flattened in order to do this, why not just flatten the tunnels so the lawn is smooth for walking?

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