white flies on my everbearing raspberries

Asked July 27, 2016, 11:48 AM EDT

Ifirst had this problem last year. Poor crop in fall and this spring. Have tried dish detergent in water and hand removing the fuzz on canes but can't keep up with it. Is there an eco-friendly, bee safe solution ? These berries have come from stock I was givenover fifty years ago and until last year have been very prolific.

Baltimore Maryland

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White flies are not a typical problem with raspberries and one that would have an effect on fruit production. Suspect that there is something else going on with your plants. Examine the plants closer and refer to the attached publication from Cornell.http://www.fruit.cornell.edu/berry/ipm/ipmpdfs/rasparthpests.pdf


Iy may not be typical but is surely white fly. It is fruit production that is affectd. How to control?