Clivia and mealy bugs

Asked July 27, 2016, 8:12 AM EDT

What is best way to control or better eliminate mealy bugs on clivia? My plant is 25 years old (divided several times over the years), grown in a pot, with 5 fans at present. About 2 years ago, mealy bugs appeared. Especially problematic in winter during period when clivias should be kept dry. During spring / summer, plant is outdoors, and hose spray helps control them, but I know they also live in the soil. Is a systemic treatment best? If so, which? I hate to throw the plant away as it is otherwise healthy and blooms beautifully in March.

Mercer County New Jersey

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If you choose to use a systemic, that's fine. The only caution would be to keep the open flowers away from bees. Shouldn't be a problem.


Another idea: repot your clivia in clean soil and pot, after treating and cleaning the plant.