Sick Rose mallow and coneflower

Asked July 26, 2016, 6:17 PM EDT

what is the cause of the damage to the coneflower? They were transplanted to this location about 6 weeks ago....the bed is newly dug, in full sun and on a bit of a slote. The flowers are "'.chewed before they fully bloom as are the leaves The Rose Mallow was planted last year and had this problem then too. It is in partial sun in a well established bed.

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Flower petals are eaten by various leaf beetle adults, weevils and caterpillars, many of which feed at night. Try going out with a flashlight after dark to spot the culprit.

The size of the holes in your coneflower and rose mallow leaves are very different, which means they were made by different insects. The coneflower is large and ragged. In addition to the insect possibilities, it could be caused by slugs--which also come out at night. There is help on our website about slugs. Put slug into our search box.