Too late to start autumn joy shoot in the garden?

Asked July 26, 2016, 5:52 PM EDT

Hi, Re-roofing and re-siding decimated the bed of autumn joy, I can get cuttings from a friend. Do I have time to start them out in a new bed before winter?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Thank you for your question.

Sorry to hear that your plants suffered during the construction. Yes, go ahead and start the new bed. The recommendation is to do any "fall planting" at least 6 weeks (sometime in September) before the ground freezes (sometime in November) so you have plenty of time. Just make sure to keep the new plants well watered until first frost.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, Jackie, I appreciate your quick reply.
I've started rooting the cuttings: half in water, half in the newly prepared bed

(tomorrow). The soil is rich, and a bit sticky with clay so I turned in a lot of leaf mulch. I will keep a thin layer of grass trimmings around the soil-planted cuttings because I'm afraid of keeping the soil too wet. How does this sound?

Sounds good to me.

One more thing....give the cuttings in the soil some protection from wildlife, like rabbits and deer, just in case they get hungry and decide to go for those plants.