best ferilizer to prevent crabgrass in Resistant Tall Fescue

Asked July 26, 2016, 4:56 PM EDT

I had a new Resistant Tall Fescue lawn put in my back yard in May of this year 2016 over here in Monmouth. I am a 76 year old woman and I need to make sure my yard guys put down the right best brand of Fertilizer and how often to prevent crabgrass and weeds. It was a great money sacrifice to me and want to do it in the front lawn also in September but want to make sure I keep this lawn healthy! Thank you, Janie Martin 503-837-0501

Polk County Oregon lawns and turf

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The best crabgrass prevention for any lawn is proper maintenance, which includes mowing, fertilization, and irrigation, as well as herbicide use for crabgrass prevention.

Mow your lawn once a week at 3" for tall fescue. If possible mow twice per week at this height (3").

Fertilize 4 times per year at 1.0 lbs N per 1000 sq ft per application, totaling 4 lbs N per 1,000 sq ft annually. Make these applications in May, June, September and October. Use a fertilizer that is high levels of N, low levels of phosphorus, and moderate levels of potassium; such as 25%N - 3%P - 10%K.

Irrigate 4 times per week at 0.25" per application totaling 1.0" per week. Add extra irrigation events in Aug (5 or 6 events per week, keeping the rate at 0.25" per event).

The final step is per-emergence herbicides, which should be applied in the spring (April/May). Successful pre-emergence herbicides include Pendulum, Dimension, or Quali-Pro Prodiamine.