Figs not ripening

Asked July 26, 2016, 8:24 AM EDT

I have a mature fig tree that has given decent crops of figs in past years. Variety is called "Chicago Hardy." I made a large hole when planting the tree and filled it with good soil mix. Around the hole, however, is the typical claylike dirt found in this area. This year, figs are plentiful but not ripening. I have kept it watered during this hot spell. I read on line that nutrient stress could also be an issue. What do you advise, either to stimulate the figs to ripen this year or to avoid a similar situation next season? Thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland fruit figs not ripening

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Figs ripen from mid-September through frost. Whether they ripen depends on if they had a long enough growing season as well as environmental conditions. They like full sun and Keep the soil moist especially once the fruits have formed. You will have to wait and see.