Trees Dying

Asked July 26, 2016, 7:56 AM EDT

I have approx. 6 acres in Montgomery county, and a lot of the trees are dying, and I am not sure why. Here is pictures of one of the trees, about a month ago half of the leaves fell off. It has some fungus growing on it, and I do see that on a lot of the property. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Don

Montgomery County Maryland

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There may be several reasons for decline on the trees such as drought, poor soil drainage, girdling roots, etc.
The right photo shows the trunk of a cherry tree and the middle photo shows lichen on the trunk. Lichen grows harmlessly on tree trunks and no control is necessary. They may grow on mature trees and are not a reason for decline.

We recommend that you contact several certified arborists for a site visit regarding the health of your trees and the best way to proceed.