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Asked July 26, 2016, 1:04 AM EDT

I bought a house last fall on 18k sq feet. In the midst of summer it has become painfully apparent that my yard is entirely weeds, 50% crabgrass, 50% sand bur. To be fair, there is a spot of St. Augustine, and in the flower beds a recurrence of either monkey grass or nutsedge.

I have seeded with Zoysia with no obvious results at this time. I have fertilized and provided a layer of compost. I live in central Texas and it is scorching heat end of June.

I am using Image and Zoysia seed in the front yard, just Zoysia on the side, and plan to use Bermuda, Zoysia and Pendimethalin in the back (largest part of the yard).

My question is regarding the timing and spacing of the products, specifically how to space the seeding, post emergent and pre-emergent. My weeds are threatening to invade my neighbors and I really want to prevent that.

I am considering a total kill product if I can't get results. I am not enduring another summer of sand burs.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

McLennan County Texas

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I too live in Central Texas, and its a typical summer.

Best plan would be to either mow the weeds short/scalp them OR to put out a post emerge product like Weed B Gone for Southern Lawns then wait 7-14 days and then apply Trimec. Results will not be great due to many of the weeds you are trying to control are mature. Best weed control measures will occur when you apply weed control in April through early June when temperatures are cooler and the weeds in question are immature. As far as the sandburs you wont get control this time of year with any post product, only through the use of a product like prodiamine or pendimethalin pre-emerge. Sandburs will require treatment and retreatment with the pre-emerge products. Image will help some if you apply it when the sandbur is small and immature.

You really need to take a soil test to measure available/limited nutrients in your soil. http://soiltesting.tamu.edu/files/urbansoil.pdf You can develop a fertility plan off of that soil test. Most likely it will be very low in Nitrogen and Potassium.

September 1 I would apply a pre-emerge product like Prodiamine (Barricade) and continue to apply it every 90 days until your weed problem is under control. I have a fairly nice yard and I still put out prodiamine pre-emerge every Feb 15 and Sept 1. You could start over, spray everything with a product containg Glyphosate but it is much harder to start completely over than it is to manage what you have.

Applying weed control and seeding at the same time will result in dead seed.
Bermuda and Zoysia seed are very fragile and can be difficult to establish. Seeding and seedling care must be done during the spring months (first week in April) of the year when soil moisture levels are easy to control. Honestly I dont recommend seeding of lawns, especially in the summer. Plugs or sod is much more successful.

As far as lawn variety. I have included information on turfgrass varieties. http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/travis/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2010-Turfgrass-Selection-for-Te...
I dont see alot of Zoysia in Waco, we have some here but its not as common as bermuda or st augustine. Zoysia does grow here but it required very intense management. Depending on your intended level of management, Bermudagrass requires the least amount of inputs, only plant St Augustine in the shade.