A large caltapa tree with thinning lighter colored leaves

Asked July 25, 2016, 9:04 PM EDT

My Caltapa tree is stressed. Over the last 2 years the canopy has gotten very sparse and the leaves have lightened. The tree is about 40' tall. What can I do to help? Tree on the right use to look like the tree on the left.

Grant County Kentucky

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It is obvious to see that this tree is in decline. To solve the problem we need to determine what is causing the tree to be in decline. As your agent I could come out and take a visit and assist you in determining what the solution would be. Based on the first picture with the lake as the backdrop I would only be assuming that the root system of this tree has reached the ledge rock. However what I cannot see in the picture is any areas where an insect or disease may have been able to get into the tree and disrupt the natural system. Whether I visited the tree in person or just looked at the pictures I would recommend that if the tree has a value for aesthetics or shade that you should contact a tree specialist to visit the tree and make recommendations on possible solutions to repair the damage or if removal is the last option. Unfortunately, you should be prepared that often when trees go into decline removal is more often than not the option. Simply because the tree has probably been battling the problem for a few years that have gone unnoticed. Below are some arborists in the area that I have recommended over the years. Any of these businesses will be able to assist you in repairing the damage to the tree.

DMB Landscaping
Chad M. Kearns

A Cut Above

Tom Wilson
Independence KY

Bartlett Tree Experts
Steve Lake, Scott Jones

Madison Tree Care
Mike Fasig

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