Sick bloodgood maple tree

Asked July 25, 2016, 6:49 PM EDT

We have a bloodgood maple tree and it doesn't look good. We saw a lot of ants on it, and the leaves seem discolored and limp. Any suggestions, please??

Bucks County Pennsylvania

1 Response

The ants are not harming your tree, however if you are seeing a lot of ants that can indicate that the tree has aphids. Look for aphids or other insects on the bark or leaves, top and underside. You may want to send us photos if you spot anything. We can also look at the leaves you describe as discolored and limp.

Limp, or wilted leaves, can indicate root damage that has led to loss of root function. This can be caused by roots drying up (lack of water) or drowning (too much water.) Or other causes, such as root rots.