Pine Bark Beetles

Asked July 25, 2016, 6:30 PM EDT

We have property at Panguitch Lake in Southern Utah. We have discovered some of our pine trees are obviously infected by something - assuming it is bark beetle. There are gobs of sap running out of the tree. We lost a lot of trees in the last infestation about 22 years ago - don't want to have that happen to us again.

What treatment is available for us to try? We are hopeful we can stop this problem before it escalates. Thank you so much -

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It would be helpful to know the species of pine/fir on your property, to know the species of bark beetle.

The simple response is to have your trees sprayed (by a professional) with a product containing carbaryl once a year in early May. At an elevation of 8,000 ft or greater, you may be able to get away with applications every two years. A USFS fact sheet on spruce bark beetle says that "In Alaska, carbaryl applied as a 2-percent spray has provided 100 percent protection from attacking [spruce] beetles for at least 2 years."

Here is that USFS fact sheet:

At lower elevations, carbaryl should be applied yearly (for mountain pine beetle, Ips, etc.).

For this season, most of the adult population has flown and attacked by now, but some individuals may continue to fly/attack through October. So you can get a quote to decide if you can apply now, or wait until next spring (late April/early May) to apply carbaryl.

Here is our general bark beetle fact sheet. You can see the signs/symptoms of beetle attack to help with inspections:

I highly encourage you to take pictures of the damage and send them to the Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab at: to be sure which beetle/pest is present and on which tree species.