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Asked July 25, 2016, 2:22 PM EDT

We just moved into a small house in Silver Spring, and the lawn is terrible, with a large (15 x 7 square feet) patch of bare ground, and lots of weeds. In sowing new grass seed, do you have any suggestions on type of grass seed to use, type of dirt or fertilizer, or particular way of laying down the new seeds? R

Montgomery County Maryland

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Since you have mostly weeds you should renovate the lawn. The best time to do renovation work is late August through mid October.
If you full sun to part shade, sow a turf type tall fescue grass seed. If you have shady conditions, sow fine fescue grass seed. In general fine fescues are comprised of creeping red fescue, hard fescue, chewings fescue, and sheep fescue. They do not perform well under frequent foot traffic, wet conditions, or high rates of nitrogen fertilizer. They also do not require a lot of mowing.
Begin with a soil test now. Results give pH. liming, and fertilization recommendations.

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