Asked July 25, 2016, 10:05 AM EDT

Ok so there is a giant wasp nest in the eve of my house, and ever since I found that there have been the biggest nests in the weirdest places. There was even one behind the mirror in my dad's old car!! I have been stung too many times in bad places. Twice on my face and one right on a vein in my wrist but there have been many more. Thank goodness I'm not allergic. Can someone please help me find the solution?

Jefferson County Montana

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go to your auto supply store. Get a can of spray ether that is used on older cars to goose damp carburetors. DO NOT BREATHE THE SPRAY. spray on the nest at night when the wasps are quiet and home - this will put them all to sleep - may not kill them directly but gives you time to scrape down the nest and squish it or bag it very well - this has worked well for me