Can you tell me if this is a brown recluse

Asked July 25, 2016, 12:35 AM EDT

I have been finding these spiders in my home, this is a small one but some of them are larger more mature spiders in the same form. Please help me identify of its a brown recluse!

Porter County Indiana spiders spider identification

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The spiders in your photos are definitely NOT brown recluse spiders. I can't be absolutely positive from just your photos, but this appears to be the barn funnel weaver or domestic house spider, scientific name: Tegeneria domestica, in the spider family Agelenidae. This is a species that is fairly widespread and common throughout much of the US and southern Canada, as well as Europe and some parts of Asia. As it's name implies it is often found in and around houses, barns and other human habitations. They build funnel shaped webs in secluded places. They are generally considered to be harmless to humans. I have included some links below to webpages with more information about these spiders.