Persimmon tree getting sick

Asked July 24, 2016, 4:47 PM EDT


The persimmon tree in our yard has gradually been getting worse. We just lost another branch which snapped at the joint. I have attached pictures that show the cross-section of the joint which seems to have turned black for some reason. The same is happening to the rest of the tree.

Other pictures show that the bark has dark black spots and many places has some white flaky material growing on it. This has been happening from early spring, and all the branches have started to droop down.

I would appreciate advice on what might be the cause for this, and how I could restore the health of our tree.


Oktibbeha County Mississippi

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Persimmon trees have a number of diseases that can cause the canker die back you are experiencing as well as a number of borer insects that can affect the tree you pictured.
The white flaky growths are likens and they are not damaging the tree but do show up on stressed trees. To have the disease identified and get information on protecting future persimmon tree from these diseases I recommend you contact you your local Cooperative Extension service. They can examine the tree, id the cause and recommend preventive sprays for your location.