soil test results

Asked July 24, 2016, 12:44 PM EDT

It was suggested after having my soil tested #DFD4L2 that the organic fertilizer I should use is 3-0-3. Any idea where I can purchase? Shipping cost almost as much as the product from the one and only website that I found.

Jackson County Michigan

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Instead of looking for one fertilizer that has nitrogen and potassium in it, find one fertilizer that is just nitrogen and buy a second fertilizer that is just potassium.

For example, if you were using traditional fertilizers, you would buy 46-0-0 as your nitrogen source. Your recommendation calls for 3 to 4 lb. N which translates into 7 to 9 lb. 46-0-0 per 1000 sq. feet.

You would buy 0-0-60 as your potassium source, Your recommendation is 4.5 P which translates into 8 lb. 0-0-60 per 1000 sq. feet.

Your test tells you how to apply.

But if you are only using organic sources, you will have to hunt for a nitrogen and a separate potassium source. Organic fertilizers are difficult to find in most counties.