Asked July 24, 2016, 10:59 AM EDT

Hello dear

I need to ask you about an my buisness model which i working now momentaly

There is an agent who is hire job for carpenters end welders end my duty is to manage this job with him,We start from march this year end i was rapresent my company from Serbia to import they experiences in Italy in shipyard,But now i wait for this agent end him always say to me end i see that him gives priority to another company.Him always make exuses i have now job,to much busy ok him is busy but i want to put this my company to work end to be nice manager end to have job for myself...Time go end go more than 4 months him always say i have priority with another company end in this case what to do what question give to him? His got colaboration with shipyard end i have need to put this my company through him but i see with him some brakes...End time go end go.....End him says in inital that shipyard have big need for company end for workers end now him change ,seem to me like cameleon ,people change i know that end like to manipulate i was hide that i feel also people

What to do in this case?

Thank you


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It is obvious your goals do not align. Move on to next job.

Thnx for answer,,,but no regret....Only what i can do manage situation n difrent way....Move on next job? This is not suitable answer sir...