Cypress spurge sap

Asked July 24, 2016, 9:08 AM EDT

Dear experts,

I am worried and need your advice.

Can cypress spurge sap be harmful if you do not touch the plant itself?

: My son touched the sap, had no reaction, but did not wash his hands and touched a number of other things with them (his bike, chair, glass...). We had no idea the sap is toxic, learnt only later that it contains latex. Now I am worried we may have inadvertently harmed somebody else. Question: Is there a chance somebody else could be seriously harmed just by touching these objects or am I overreacting and you have to be in direct contact with the sap to have any reaction? Is the sap safe after a while (eg. It dries etc)? Thank you!

Outside United States

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While the latex in spurges is toxic. (see: ); there's little chance that your son caused a chain reaction that would result in serious injury. Some folk have a reaction to the allergens in Latex - regardless of the source; however once it is dry the reaction is diminished.