My peach tree had red curling leaves this spring and now the peaches have rot inside them

Asked July 24, 2016, 8:43 AM EDT

I am so sad! My peach tree this spring had waxy red leaves that curled and later dropped off and regular leaves came out. Now the peaches look absolutely beautiful but there are rotted sections along the inside around the pit and some along the stem. Some even smell rotten.
What is going on? And even more importantly how do I fix it? The peach was tagged a 'semi-dwarf Elberta' peach, but it is a white peach with red by the pit. It is about 5 years old and we've never had problems before.
Thank you
Is there a location I can find other help tips for growing peaches in the Kansas City area?

Jackson County Missouri peaches

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The red leaf problem you had is from a fungal disease called peach leaf curl. It can also occasionally effect the fruit, but it is more likely that you also have something called split pit on your peaches, which has allowed some other diseases in to rot your fruit.

For the peach leaf curl, a fungicide is generally needed in the dormant season after the leaves fall. You can find a very good guide to managing diseases and pests in home fruit here:

For the split pit, unfortunately there is little can be done. There is some evidence that avoiding excessive nitrogen applications (particularly near harvest time) can help lower the severity, but other than that it is just an issue with some cultivars.

University of Missouri also has a general guide on peach production which may be of some help to you here: