Hollyhock and delphinium demise

Asked July 24, 2016, 6:51 AM EDT

Wondering what was/is attacking my poor plants? The hollyhock which bloomed beautifully now looks like the delphinium. Full sun. Pictures were taken July1. Second year for hollyhock plant, first year it bloomed. I just planted the delphinium this spring. Hollyhock had 7' stalks. I had plenty of Japanese beetles on other plants but didn't see anything specific on delphiniums or hollyhocks. This was before all this heat hit and wondering if they have any hope of coming back next year, or if they are just gone. Thank you.

St. Mary's County Maryland

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Hollyhocks tend to get rust and this year is a very good year for rust. http://plantclinic.cornell.edu/factsheets/hollyhockust.pdf http://www.gardening.cornell.edu/homegardening/scene3280.html St Mary's county is not a good spot for delphiniums. It is simply too hot for them. When it gets hot, they tend to look like yours. We would suggest removing any that are sick, dead or dying. vw