Maple tree leaves are turning brown and losing leaves

Asked July 23, 2016, 9:58 PM EDT

Maple tree leaves have suddenly turned brown and fallen off. Thought it was due to dry conditions and started watering daily but no improvement. •Name, age and/or size of plant - 3 years, 15 ft •When was the problem was first noted - 1 week ago •What part of the plant is affected? entire tree. Another maple tree right next to it is fine. •Have symptoms progressed or changed? Additional leaves are turning brown and falling off •Growing conditions (full sun, part shade, shade, windy, salt spray, etc.) full sun •Soil problems (compacted soil, construction activity, poor drainage) ? •Pesticide and fertilizer applications - none

Washington County Maryland

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Your maple has scorch and needs to be watered deeply when there is not an inch of rain in a week. It could have some kind of root damage or other abiotic problem that has not allowed it to survive the alternate periods of moisture that we have had. There is no spray that will help. vw