Zucchini flowering but on vegetables

Asked July 23, 2016, 10:27 AM EDT

I get flowers on my zucchini but no growth of vegetables, could it be chipmunks ? We have no ground hogs .The plants grow well though.

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No! It is probably lack of pollination caused by one or both of the following reasons: 1) No pollinator insects (bees, wasps, butterflies) to transfer the pollen from the male bloom to the female bloom; 2) its too hot, and the pollen is dead before transfer (temps > 85 degrees). To produce squash or any gourd including cucs, and melons in the heat of summer, you will need to hand pollenate early in the morning when temps are < 85 degrees.

To pollinate by hand, identify the male and the female flowers. Male flowers will have a stem that attaches the bloom to the plant. Female flowers will has an immature fruit behind the petals. The male flower will have pollen sack called an anther exposed. This is what makes it so easy to do hand pollinating — pollen doesn’t transfer by breeze, but can transfer by touch or transfer from an object.

The female flower will have orange structure in the center of the stigma and that is where you will apply the pollen when you perform hand pollinating. Simply pick the male bloom, pull off the petals and touch it to the female stigma a couple of times, as if brushing paint. This will be enough to pollinate the stigma, which will then produce squash. When you pollinate by hand, you aren’t wasting flowers since picking the male flowers simply removes those that will never produce fruit anyway. When you pollinate by hand, you will yield quite a harvest if you do it right. Remember the difference between the male and female flowers, and be sure to remove only the male flowers for hand pollination. After pollination, you can sit back, watch your squash grow and harvest them as they are ready, generally, 3-7 days. For small flowering gourd members like cucumbers, simply use a cotton swab. See the attached pics.

Thank You very much it sounds like an excellent answer.R. cas.