trees for Calhoun County

Asked July 23, 2016, 8:05 AM EDT

we have purchased land in Seadrift. about 3 blocks from the bay. the ground is mostly clay. right now there is a Ash and a Tallow tree on the property. we are building a home so we want some shade trees, fast growing but durable and can tolerate high winds (just in case) I would prefer Non-deciduous trees. I have been told that there is a Cyprus tree that might work for us. we do plan to put in a few citrus trees however we really want some shade for our yard. Please route this email to the person in your offices that might be able to make some suggestions.

Sincerely, Lin Andis

Calhoun County Texas

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Howdy! The cypress tree is a good choice in clay soil. The wind may be a factor. I have also seen a few live oaks that do well along the coast and in that area. They are very hardy. By only going with non-deciduous trees, you are limiting your options for that area. Citrus will do well in Calhoun County and it rarely freezes there. I am further north in Victoria County. Let me know it this helps. Thanks for the question.