Poor globe thistle

Asked July 22, 2016, 8:51 PM EDT

I planted globe thistle 2 years ago.Last year they seemed to do well however head size was still smaller than I thought they should be. This year the heads are very small and the foliage looks yellow and sickly. I find no bugs and I did fertilize with a 13-13-13 granular fertilizer that seems to have done nothing to help. Any Ideas?

Black Hawk County Iowa

1 Response

The globe thistle performs best in a well-drained soil and full sun. The poor plant growth suggestions the plant's growing conditions are not favorable. Globe thistles don't grow well in poorly drained or wet soils. They also need at least 6 hours of direct sun each day.

if the growing conditions at the current site are less than ideal, it may be possible to move the plant in early spring.