Aggressive weed in my yard

Asked July 22, 2016, 3:32 PM EDT

We recently (in the spring) had some trees and shrubs removed. It seems as if a strange weed has now started to grow and spread out across the yard from this area around where the trees and shrubs were located. The weed seems to have an underground root system. The weeds grow rapidly, several inches per day, and have several stalks. I am told the trees were locusts. They are coming up from both areas of the lawn and flower beds. Are these weeds related to the trees? How can I eradicate them?

Fairfax County Virginia

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Your photos look like young locusts. Locusts do indeed send up suckers from their root system. Cut them off as soon as you see them unless you want a tree there. If you have a mature locust that you value, you should not apply glyphosate to the cut surfaces when you cut them down. If you do not have a locust that you value, you can apply glyphosate (active ingredient in RoundUP and other herbicides) as soon as you cut them off. Removal of locust suckers is a long going battle. vw